分  类:测量测试仪器

品  牌:欧米茄

厂  商:Omega工业测量(中国)

型  号:DPS20-Series


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  • Fast Access Menu - Front Panel Control
  • Configurable Tare Function
  • Optional Relay and Analog Output Models
  • Define a Maximum Tare Value to Prevent Undesired Tares
  • Independent Scaling
  • Optional Modbus RTRS-485 Model
  • 5 Levels of Brightness
  • Password Protection

  • OMEGA’s new panel meter for load cells delivers high-performance at 1/8 DIN size for panel mounts and integration in a wide range of weight applications. The DPS20 accepts 4 and 6 wire load cells and provides 5 Vdc and 10 Vdc configurable excitation voltage to power the load cell. Two power supply options for high and low AC/DC power, allows this unit to be suited for global use.

    The optional relays, analog output, and Modbus® RTU serial communications provide control and communication capability. Additional features of the DPS20 load cell meter include independent scaling of the load cell signal and reading units, prevention of false tares, stability alarms, and rear terminal with configurable function.


    Digits: 6
    Decimal Point: Configurable
    LED color: Red
    Digit Height: 14 mm (0.55’’)
    Types of Load Cell: 1 mV/V, 2 mV/V, 3 mV/V and others
    Excitation Voltage: 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc (configurable)
    Maximum Exc. Current: 140 mA
    Maximum Vdc at Input: ±30 Vdc
    Number of Wires: 4 and 6 wire cells
    Number of Cells (for standard 350 Ohms cells): 1 to 8 load cells (at 5 Vdc) and 1 to 4 load cells (at 10 Vdc)
    Internal Signal Ranges: 100mV, 30mV, 20mV, 15mV, 10mV, 5mV
    Accuracy at 25 ºC: 0.05 % FS
    Thermal Stability: 50 ppm/ºC
    Input Impedance: 20 MOhm
    Acquisitions per Second (and alarms update): 16, 50 or 60 acq. / sec. (configurable)
    Display Refresh (and bus and analog output update): 16, 50 o 60 acq. / seg. (configurable)
    Step Response (0% to 99% of signal): 17, 20 or 63 mSec. (configurable)
    Signal Terminals: plug-in screw terminals (3.81 mm pitch)
    Output and Control Options: relays, analog outputs, Modbus RTU.
    Configuration: by front keypad
    External Contact: with configurable functions
    Power ‘H’: 85 to 265 Vac / dc (isolated 2500 Veff)
    Power ‘L’: 11 to 60 Vdc and 24 / 48 Vac (isolated 1500 Veff)
    Consumption: <1.5 W (meter only) and <4.0 W (meter with output options)
    Power terminals: plug-in screw terminals (5.08 mm pitch)
    Power wires: max. 2.5 mm2 (max. AWG14)
    Output and Control Options: 1, 2 or 3 relays
    1, 2 or 3 isolated analog outputs 4/20 mA or 0/10 Vdc
    Modbus RTU isolated serial output
    Front Protection: NEMA 4 (IP65)
    Connections: plug-in screw terminals
    Weight: <150 gr (5.3 oz)
    Mounting: panel
    Front Size: 96 x 48 mm (1/8 DIN)
    Panel Cut-Out: 92 x 44 mm
    Depth: 91 mm (including terminals)
    Operation Temperature: 0 to 50 ºC (32 to 122 ºF)
    Storage Temperature: -20 to 70 ºC (-4 to 158 ºF)
    Packing box: paperboard, 15 x 12 x 5 cm



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